Drone Policy 

Drones are not allowed at Holiday Valley during operating hours. Special permission may be granted to FAA licensed pilots during non-operating hours. Requests should be directed to Director of Marketing, Dash Hegeman at (716) 699-3905.

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HV Yodeler- Spring Skiing
Spring has sprung and the skiing is GREAT!
HV Yodeler- Mike P

If you know him, you know. Mike Paterniti's immense passion for skiing is evident in his dedication and great vibes. If you don't know Mike P, now you do! He's all around the resort spreading happiness and sharing his love of skiing with everyone here.

HV Yodeler- The Masters Program
Masters is a recreational and competitive racing program or mogul skiing program for adults wanting to improve their skiing skills in and out of the gates or moguls. It includes 11-12 selected Saturday and Sunday mornings from January to March. It's also just a great way to make friends and have a really fun time skiing! https://www.holidayvalley.com/winter/seasonal-coaching/
HV Yodeler 2-17-21 The Sullivans and Lyons
The Sullivan and Lyons families have been skiing together at Holiday Valley since the late 60s and have been bringing generations of skiers up to make it a long time family bonding experience.
Snowmaking 2020-21 Season
HV Yodeler 1-29-21 The 12 Mile Island Ski Club
This crew from Pittsburgh has been coming to Holiday Valley for 15 years now! Check out more info on group sales- https://www.holidayvalley.com/winter/groups/
Holiday Valley Lift Maintenance
The Lift Maintenance crew gets us up and running every morning and keeps us going and safe all day on the slopes. Here's a sneak peek at their daily routine at the resort. Thank a Lift Maintenance personnel! **This video was shot pre-COVID in the 2019-20 winter season**
Old Man Winter has arrived!
In case you haven't noticed, Old Man Winter has finally arrived! It took some coaxing and serious amount of treats, but he and his incredible team made it and are here to stay.
HV Yodeler 1-20-21 Lake Effect
Winter finally showed up and conditions are incredible!