Drone Policy 

Drones are not allowed at Holiday Valley during operating hours. Special permission may be granted to FAA licensed pilots during non-operating hours. Requests should be directed to Customer Service Manager, Donna Hallick at (716) 699-3931.

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Start of 2018 Snowmaking
We've been cranking the guns in anticipation of our Friday, November 23rd opening! When you see them, make sure to #Thankasnowmaker
Snowmaking Test
Holiday Valley is conducting a test of the HKD snowmaking system- November 5, 2018
Surprise Hire: Winter Operations Manager
Our new Winter Operations Manager got right to work by not waiting out the storm, but bringing the storm.
All Paws on Deck!
Snow on the ground and snow in the forecast! Our pups in Customer Service are here to help you get ready for the season. Pawesome vibes only.
Last Chance Season Pass!
This is your last chance to get the best deal on Classic Season Passes! Come to our customer service office During Fall Festival, October 6-7 between 10am-4pm!
Get Your Season Pass!
Save by purchasing Classic Passes, Season-long coaching or Ultimate Passes now, plus take advantage of the fee-free installment plan! https://www.holidayvalley.com/winter/passes/ “Upbeat & Exciting”: Composed by Tim McMorris Produced by King's Crown Productions
Are you ready?!
Get ready! Winter is coming! Composed by Tim McMorris Produced by King's Crown Productions
Holiday Valley 2018-2019
Get ready! Winter is coming! “On Top of the World”: Composed by Tim McMorris Produced by King's Crown Productions
Ultimate College Season Ski & Ride Passes
Current College and University students can buy the Ultimate College Season Pass or and Ultimate Night College Season Pass. College ID and transcript are required at pass pick up. The Ultimate College Season Pass for $309 is valid Mondays through Fridays 9AM to close and Saturdays and Sundays 3:30PM to 10PM. The Ultimate Night College Season Pass for $209 is valid 7 nights a week, 3:30PM to close. Passes are available only until December 1! https://www.holidayvalley.com/collegepass