Drone Policy 

Drones are not allowed at Holiday Valley during operating hours. Special permission may be granted to FAA licensed pilots during non-operating hours. Requests should be directed to Customer Service Manager, Donna Hallick at (716) 699-3931.

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End of the Season Snowmaking
Our Snowmakers work hard all season until the very end to keep conditions and slopes top notch here! It would be rough at times throughout the Winter season without these guys here to fill in the gaps where Mother Nature isn't cooperating. Thank a Snowmaker!
Telestock at Holiday Valley
A day of Peace, Love and Telemark Skiing by The City Garage at Holiday Valley on the last Friday of February each year! Free Demos! Discounted Day Pass Vouchers!
Old Man Winter isn't done yet!
It's only the beginning of March! Did you really think Old Man Winter wasn't going to show his face again?!
Bluebird Daze
Yes, it's warm in February, but we still have tons of snow for tons of fun! This weekend is going to be sunny so get out here and enjoy the slopes!
Young Rippers!
The future of skiing and snowboarding is bright when you've got two young ones like this out here ripping!
HV Mountain Shops- GO TEAM USA!
Our Mountain Shops are stocked with Team USA gear for the Olympics! Stop in and check out all the great deals
Shaped Snow Learning: Banks
Allie Doro, our Snowsports Director, speaks on banks - part of Shaped Snow Learning - which helps mimic the feeling of a turn. Creekside is the place to be for beginners!
2-9-18 Weekend Update
Conditions are great!
Shaped Snow Learning: Rollers
Snowsports Director Allie Doro is back to talk about Shaped Snow rollers, which helps beginners understand that first initial glide. Allie will be back tomorrow to talk about banked learning!