Mountain Biking

Take to the woods on Holiday Valley's Mountain Biking Trails. The 4-5 mile "race loop" starts at the Holiday Valley Training Center and goes up gradually to the top of Cindy's. From there it goes across the ridge line of the resort where you can choose to ride the wider and more forgiving cross country trails or skinny winding singletrack to the top of Eagle, Cochran Pond at the top of Morning Star, and into the Tannenbaum area. 

The new flow trail, Senear Valley Trail, runs from Spruce Lake across through the woods to Champagne, then it zigs and zags across the front ski slopes with big banked turns in the woods, and finishes near the Training Center. The average grade is less than 6% so this trail provides a fun and relatively easy way down (or up) the mountain. The trail was designed by WNYMBA, heavy equipment and labor was provided by Holiday Valley and finish work done by WNYMBA volunteers, truly a community effort! Senear Valley was the original name of the valley that now contains Holiday Valley.


Holiday Valley Mountain Bike Trails

Important Notice!

Logging operations are taking place in some areas of the resort. Please obey all signs as some areas will be closed during that time period.

Sky High Off Limits

Please note that you may not ride through the Sky High Adventure Park for safety reasons. Signs will direct you to stay high and head towards the Yodeler area and back to the Training Center. For the adventurous, there are plenty of single track trails off the main route. At Eagle or Tannenbaum you can venture out across the logging roads behind the Valley and on to the 35+ miles of WYMBA trails in the State Forest. IMBA has rated the trails around Ellicottville as "Epic" so have at it! It's all pedal power here at Holiday lift service, and no charge to use the trails. Please remember these common sense rules...wear a helmet, ride with a friend, bring a map and stay off the golf course and Sky High.

Mountain bike rentals are available at the Tamarack Club. $25 for up to 4 hours or $35 for more than 4 hours. Plus tax. The Mountain bikes are Felt 980's with hydraulic disc brakes. Cruiser bikes are available at the Inn at Holiday Valley for the same rates. Call (716) 699-2345.

An excellent guide to mountain biking in the area has been prepared by WNYMBA. Copies are available at the resort and at the Ellicottville Bike and Bean in Ellicottville for $6. Proceeds benefit WNYMBA and their trail building projects.

Ellicottville Bike Shop. 30 Washington St, Ellicottville, (716) 699-BIKE. Western New York Mountain Biking Association

Mountain Biking Events 2018

Raccoon Rally (Allegany State Park), June 17. A biking festival with road and mt. biking, kids races and more.

Fall Festival Mt. Bike Race October 8, 2017. Fun and relaxed race, but definitely muddy. For more info and register go to