As of March 20, The Tubing Park is now closed for the season.

You must purchase all Tubing sessions online. 

Snow tubing is fun for everyone; all you have to do is sit down, hang on and experience the exhilaration of pure winter fun! The Snow Tubing Park has up to 20 lanes that are 900 feet long and drop 100 vertical feet, plus a conveyor lift to bring you back up the hill! We supply the tubes.  There's a special Li'l Tubers area for children under 7 for $7, however occasionally when there is a high volume of traffic Li'l Tubers may not be available. A cozy warming hut is at the base of the hill with a snack bar, fireplace and restrooms. Or you can warm up and rest outside at the giant bonfire pit and our 2 lean to's. 

Conveyor Lift 

We replaced the main handle tow with a conveyor lift (think moving sidewalk like at the airport) in 2018. Just grab your tube, step on and up you go to the top. The advantage? More capacity means more rides for you! And, we purchased 3 state-of-the-art HKD fan guns and 6 new HKD tower guns for making more snow in a shorter time frame, using less energy. Everyone wins!

The Holiday Valley Tubing Company is located on the corner of Rt. 242 and Bryant Hill Road, New York - just 4 miles from Holiday Valley on the north side of Map to Tubing ParkEllicottville. 

Snow Tubing Park Schedule (weather permitting)

  Standard Operation Schedule

Opening on Friday, January 7. Closing March 18 2022

 Thursdays and Fridays 4:30 PM to 9 PM
 Saturdays 10 AM to 9 PM
 Sundays 10 AM to 6 PM
  Special Holidays and Additional Days
Jan. 16 10AM to 9PM
 Jan. 17`  11AM to 6PM
Feb. 20 10AM to 9PM
Feb. 23 10:15 to 6PM
Feb 24, 25, 26 10AM to 9PM
Feb 27 10AM to 6PM

Please note: occasionally the weather does not cooperate for tubing and we may not be able to keep our normal operating hours. Please check the snow report for any updates, or call 716-699-2345.

 2021-22 Tubing Rates

Online Purchase Only!

 Ticket Type  Thurs-Sun

2 Hour Slide


Li'l Tubers (purchase on site*)


Helmet Rental 


*occasionally when there is a high volume of traffic Li'l Tubers may not be available.

Minimum height requirement is 42 inches tall for the "big" hill. Only one person per tube admitted on the big hill.

Tubing tickets must be purchased online. Buy Tubing Tickets


Groups may book the park outside our normal operating hours at group rates. Please call (716) 699-3932 or email

What to wear tubing

Tubing can be rather chilly and it makes it a much more enjoyable experience if you dress for the weather. You can bundle yourself up like the Michelin Man or take advantage of the new technology in outdoor wear. The goal is to stay warm and dry, so cotton (gets cold and wet) is not recommended. 

  • Dress in layers with a wicking layer close to your skin, a polarfleece sweater and waterproof/windproof jacket on top. 
  • Wear flannel pajamas or long underwear under insulated water resistant pants on the bottom. 
  • On your feet, wear wool socks and comfortable insulated boots (not ski boots) that can be securely fastened. 
  • Wear a close fitting hat that won’t fall off as you’re sliding. 
  • Goggles and a scarf or neck warmer aren’t a bad idea if it is snowing or especially cold. 
  • Mittens are warmer than gloves, and make sure they are insulated and waterproof. 
  • Hats, gloves, neckwarmers and handwarmers are available at the Tubing Company, along with some fun logo’d sweatshirts and t-shirts. 

 Winter Service Animal Policy

Service Animals are not permitted on the lifts or on the tubing lanes.