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Ellicottville Oasis Spa

Therapeutic Massage

This massage incorporates a variety of techniques to help improve flexibility, reduce pain and improve specific problem areas or conditions.

A woman getting a therapeutic massage at the Oasis Spa.
Hot Stone Massage

Smooth basalt stones are heated and placed gently on the body; the stones are also incorporated as an extension of the therapist's hands to unlock tension deep within the muscles and relieving stress.

A woman with hot stones on her back during a Hot Stone Massage.

Enjoy the moment with a peaceful pamper and polish. And a safe, quick-drying polish of your choice reflects the present moment’s beauty.

A person getting a manicure at the Spa.

Indulge in a soul-soothing pedicure that pairs a relaxing warm soak with the serene ambience you deserve. Treat your senses to the luxury an invigorating scrub. Step out with perfectly polished toes, ready to embark on your next adventure.

A woman gives another woman a pedicure at the spa.
Eminence Organic Skin Care

During your visit to the spa, don't miss our extensive collection of Eminence Organic Skin Care products. Crafted by hand in Hungary, these delightful organic products are not only effective but also a perfect enhancement to your daily skincare routine. Eminence offers tailored solutions for a variety of skin concerns, including anti-aging, age correction, acne-prone skin, sensitivity, rosacea, as well as firming and moisturizing options. Treat your skin to the luxurious care it deserves with our premium selection.

Shelves full of organic skin care beauty supplies.
Deep Tissue Massage

This therapeutic massage uses advanced techniques to relieve muscle soreness and stiff joints while energizing the senses. Fantasitc for tight, tired, and sore muscles.

A massage therapist gives a woman a deep tissue massage.