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Environmental Initiatives

Here is a site where you can learn more about your carbon footprint and how to offset your energy use by purchasing carbon offsets. Find out how carbon offsets work.

Environmental Programs

Holiday Valley has several programs in place to help reduce, reuse and recycle. Highlights include the Single Stream Recycling program throughout the resort (offices, cafeterias, lodging facilities, food and beverage facilities). The importance of the program was emphasized to the staff for the 2010-11 season and the result was an increase of recyclable material by 150% increase. The amount of recycled cardboard increased by 13%.

  • Snowmaking efficiency continues to improve as we expand our automated snowmaking system. Low energy HKD snowguns are used throughout the resort. 
  • Grooming vehicles are on a schedule for replacement. Each year the machines get more energy efficient. Older snowcats are traded in for reuse at other resorts.
  • Lighting on the slopes is being converted to LED lighting. All lights in buildings have been converted to LED. 
  • We are able to sell our retired lifts to other resorts to significantly reduce waste.
  • Ski and snowboard rental equipment is sold to other resorts, significantly reducing waste.
  • Areas on the golf course have been allowed to go wild which saves on water use and mowing expense and gas.
  • 100 percent of oils and lubricants used in the maintenance facility are recycled. 
  • Lift tickets are reloadable lift tickets which reduces waste.
  • Our Park crew has used old lift parts, pool filters and random discarded “stuff” to create unique features in the terrain parks. 
  • Heat for the 2 spas at the Tamarack Club is taken from circulating pool water, allowing us the efficiency of having only one boiler. 
  • At Sky High Aerial Adventure Park, chips and logs from culled trees are used to make the pathways. 
  • The Holiday Valley Day Care Center has switched to washable and reusable dishes and cups to eliminate paper waste. 
  • Vegetable oil is used for the hydraulic fluid in groomers. 
  • Employees get coffee for $1 when they bring in their reusable coffee cup.
  • Leftover meats from Edna’s restaurant used to make soup stock that is donated to a local food pantry.

Things everyone can do:

  • Don’t let your vehicle idle longer than 5 minutes
  • Take and use only what you need. This refers to paper napkins, condiments, eating utensils as well as water for washing and brushing your teeth and turning off the lights as you leave the room. If we all do our share, we can make a huge impact
  • Single Stream Recycling at the resort recycles plastic bottles containers and jugs, clear and colored glass bottles and jars, clean paper, newspaper, magazines, clean cardboard, steel, tin and aluminum cans, and paperboard.
  • Place your recycling in the marked bins and avoid putting non-recyclables in those bins.