Mountain Facts

Yearly Average Snowfall 180 inches
Snowmaking Coverage 95%
Number of Automated Snowguns 237
Total Number of Snowguns 611
Vertical Rise 750 feet
Base Elevation 1500 feet
Top Elevation  2250
Total Acreage 1400 acres
Skiable Acreage 290 acres
Number of Day Trails 60
Number of Night Trails 39
Total Uphil Skier Capacity 23,850 people per hour
Number of Lifts 13
High Speed Quad Chairs 3
Fixed Grip Quad Chairs 8
Double Chairs 0
Surface Lifts



Get ready for winter at Holiday Valley! from Holiday Valley on Vimeo.


General Questions

Can we store equipment overnight? 

Yes, in the High Performance Shop in the Holiday Valley Lodge.

Do you offer cross country skiing or snowshoeing? 

Yes, there are packed trails along the golf course at the base of the slopes and along the ridge line. You can ski up one of our easier trails or purchase a 2 ride ticket for $12 to use on Cindy’s, Mardi Gras or Tannenbaum.

What is the best base lodge for beginners?

If you are a first time skier or rider, make the Holiday Valley Lodge your home base because it is near the Creekside Lodge beginner center. The Holiday Valley Lodge is also the location of the equipment rental shop. But if you don't need rental equipment or lessons, drive all the way up the Holiday Valley Road to the Tannenbaum Lodge. There are 2 chairlifts at Tannenbaum that serve family friendly gentle terrain.

Do you offer day lockers? 

Yes, on the ground floor of the Holiday Valley Lodge and the Yodeler Lodge.

Do you offer Mountain Photos? 

Yes, look for our photographers in the green jackets at the top of Mardi Gras or stop at the photo center on the ground floor of the Holiday Valley Lodge. Here is a link to the photo service site where you can review your photos.

Do you offer Mountain Tours? 

Yes, weekends and holidays, 10:30 leaving from the bridge, slopeside of the Holiday Valley Lodge. Intermediate skills required.

What dining options are available at Holiday Valley? 

During the spring, summer and fall you can enjoy “comfort food” and a wide selection of craft beers at John Harvard’s Brew House in the Tamarack Club, coffee pastries and deli sandwiches at McCarty Café in the Holiday Valley Lodge, poolside service and snacks and sandwiches at the Tannenbaum Lodge near Sky High Adventure Park. During the winter Holiday Valley also offers cafeterias in all 3 base lodges, a coffee bar upstairs in Tannenbaum lodge and the Waffle Hut at the base of Cindy’s lift.

What if I need Ski Patrol? 

Call (716) 699-3935. The patrol rooms are located on the west side of the Mountain Sports Center at the base of Yodeler and on the ground floor of the Resort Services Center at the base of Mardi Gras. 

Where is lost and found?

In the Guest Services Office in the Resort Services Center, open every day until 10:30 PM.

Where can I have a picnic?

On the mountain there is a warming hut at the top of Cindy's and the top of Champagne, plus lean-to's at the top of Maple Leaf, top of Edelweiss and midway down Mistletoe. You can bring a picnic to the top floor of the Holiday Valley Lodge, the ground floor of Yodeler Lodge or anyplace at the Tannenbaum Lodge. Please be considerate of other guests and do not save tables.

How Do I Get to the Village of Ellicottville?

Southern Tier Transportation taxi service is available in Ellicottville, 716-375-8294. The taxi is available Monday through Thursday until 9PM and Fridays and Saturdays until 2AM. They are closed on Sundays.