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Snow Report & Trail Map

Please Note: The trail rating system is on a scale relative to the terrain at Holiday Valley Resort.
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54° Mostly Cloudy
05/01/2017 12:10pm
Sun 8:30AM-4:30 PM

Snow Fall

Past 24 Hours
0 in.
Past 48 Hours
0 in.
Past 72 Hours
Season Total
230 in.


Base Depth
0 in.
Primary Surface
Open Slopes
0 Day / 0 Night
Open Lifts
0 Day / 0 Night
Tubing Park
Hours: N/A
Mountain Coaster
Hours: closed for the season
X-Country Trails
Hours: N/A
37° Sunny
05/01/2017 12:10pm
Sun 8:30AM-4:30 PM

The 2016-17 season ended on April 2, a sunny Sunday afternoon. Target opening for the 2017-18 season is Friday, November 24. Come play at Holiday Valley this summer on our 18 hole golf course, at Sky High Adventure Park, on the mountain bike trails and at the pools.

  • EasiestClosedBear CubGroomed

    A pretty trail that is the easiest way down from the top of Cindy's or SnowPine chairs to SnowPine Village condos. Continue on to Bear Paw, just below the condos for the easiest way to get to the bottom of the SnowPine lift.

  • EasiestClosedBear PawSlow Skiing Zone

    The easiest way to the bottom of the SnowPine lift from the SnowPine Condos.

  • EasiestClosedBoardwalkGroomed

    Very gentle terrain for first timers serviced by the Magic Carpet lift.

  • EasiestClosedCandy CaneGroomedSlow Skiing Zone

    The beginning of the easiest way down from the top of Mardi Gras to Tannenbaum.

  • EasiestClosedCatwalkGroomed

    An easy way from the top of Sunrise or Cindy's to SnowPine Condos, especially A, B, C, D and E buildings.

  • EasiestClosedCross Country Walking Trail

    Traverses the top ridgeline of the resort from the top of Cindy's to the top of Morning Star with rolling terrain. You can continue all the way to Spruce Lake on Happy Wanderer. You can purchase a 2 ride ticket to access these trails and ride back down or you can ski up and back down an easier trail if you have strong downhill cross country skills.

  • EasiestClosedCross Country Golf Course

    The easiest Cross Country terrain that loops around the front nine of our golf course. If there is enough base these trails may be track set. Snowshoers are also welcome but please stay to the side of the trail.

  • EasiestClosedDays EndGroomed

    Takes you from the bottom of Morning Star or Eagle to the bottom of Cindy's, Mardi Gras and the base area. You're actually skiing on number 11 fairway of the golf course!

  • EasiestClosedEasy WayGroomed

    The easiest way down from the top of Sunrise to the bottom of Cindys and the School Haus area.

  • EasiestClosedExplorerGroomed

    The trail to take from the top of Cindy's to Eagle or Morning Star. Also takes you to the hidden secret, Snowbird!

  • EasiestClosedFiddler's ElbowGroomed

    An easier trail that uses the Morning Star chair for access. Fiddler's is also the site of an intermediate level terrain park, but there is plenty of room for those who just want to ski it.

  • EasiestClosedFrostlineGroomed

    A pretty little trail through the woods to exit Eagle and go to Cindy's. Check out the number 11 green of the golf course on your way!

  • EasiestClosedHappy Wanderer Walking TrailGroomed

    Part of the cross country trail across the ridgeline from Spruce Lake to the top of Cindy's. (also a great trail for running in the non snow season!)

  • EasiestClosedHoliday RunGroomed

    The "back way" to Chute or Valley Village townhouses by way of Morning Star.

  • EasiestClosedLaurelGroomed

    Runs under the Tannenbaum lift and connects Candy Cane to Punch Bowl.

  • EasiestClosedNorthwind TopGroomed

    Runs parallel to Mardi Gras. For the easiest way to the main base area take the top of Northwind then at the intersection cross over to the bottom of Mardi Gras.

  • EasiestClosedPeppermint LaneSlow Skiing Zone

    A sweet little trail from the top of Morning Star to Crystal.

  • EasiestClosedPunch BowlGroomed

    A wide slope where Laurel, Mistletoe, Tannenbaum and Spruce Line converge.

  • EasiestClosedRaccoon RunGroomed

    Great family trail that goes by the top of the Mountain Coaster.

  • EasiestClosedSchool Haus East

    The slightly more difficult side of the beginners area, also borders the Terrain Garden with introductory terrain features.

  • EasiestClosedSchool Haus WestGroomed

    The ideal beginner slope with a gentle pitch and long flat runout. Located right outside the Creekside Lodge where you can sign up for first timer ski or snowboard lessons.

  • EasiestClosedSlippery StreetsGroomed

    Serviced by a handle tow, Slippery Streets is an ideal learning area.

  • EasiestClosedSnowbirdGroomed

    A fun little known trail that cuts across the upper tees of number 13 golf hole, across the fairway then back out to lower Woodstock.

  • EasiestClosedSnowledgeGroomed

    An easier way down from the top of Cindy's or Sunrise chairs. You'll loop around then come out on lower Cindy's Run.

  • EasiestClosedSpruce LineGroomed

    An easy slope great for families with young children. Intersects with Tannenbaum slope.

  • EasiestClosedSugar PlumGroomed

    A short trail from the Tannenbaum Lodge to the Yodeler Lodge.

  • EasiestClosedTannenbaumGroomed

    A beautful trail that begins in the spruce forest planted by the CCC during the Depression.

  • EasiestClosedWoodpecker

    The easiest way down from the top of the Eagle chair. Woodpecker intersects with Fiddler's Elbow. You can also take Woodpecker to access Gobbler Glade.

  • EasiestClosedWoodstock LowerGroomed

    This lower portion of Woodstock starts just below Explorer and ends at the bottom of Foxfire.

  • More DifficultClosedBalletGroomedSlow Skiing Zone

    Ballet takes you from Upper Tannenbaum to midway down Mistletoe. Look to your right and you'll see a spring and the Mistletoe Lean To. Continue across Mistletoe and lower Happy Glades to Laurel.

  • More DifficultClosedBobsled

    Bobsled branches off of Last Chance and swings around to the bottom of the Wall.

  • More DifficultClosedCathedral

    A pretty little trail with a canopy of trees overhead. Intersects with Tannenbaum slope.

  • More DifficultClosedCCCSlow Skiing Zone

  • More DifficultClosedCindy's RunGroomed

    One of our more challenging blue slopes, the top of Cindy's has a nice steeper pitch, then it mellows out half way down and ends at the Waffle Cabin!

  • More DifficultClosedCrystal BottomGroomedSlow Skiing Zone

    The lower section of this trail begins at Candy Cane and ends at the Tannenbaum lift and Tannenbaum Lodge.

  • More DifficultClosedCrystal TopGroomed

    Begins at the top of the Tannenbaum lift and takes you to Candy Cane.

  • More DifficultClosedFirecracker EastSlow Skiing Zone

    From Firecracker or Holiday Run, take Firecracker East to go to the main base area and Mardi Gras lift. You can also access the Rail Park from Firecracker East.

  • More DifficultClosedFirelaneGroomedSlow Skiing Zone

    Cuts off from the top of Crystal and ends at Laurel.

  • More DifficultClosedIndependenceGroomed

    A pretty trail that gives you the choice of finishing at Tannenbaum or back at Yodeler.

  • More DifficultClosedLast ChanceGroomedSlow Skiing Zone

    Last Chance is your last chance to avoid the uber-steep Wall! It swings across Sunrise, loops around then back across Sunrise to the lower Wall, just above the bridge.

  • More DifficultClosedMardi GrasGroomed

    A great intermediate run that's almost a mile long.

  • More DifficultClosedMistletoeGroomed

    The prettiest trail at Holiday Valley! Ski down through the almost magical pine forest, past the historical Mistletoe Lean To and down "Niagara Falls" into Punch Bowl.

  • More DifficultClosedMoonbeamSlow Skiing Zone

  • More DifficultClosedMorning StarGroomedMoguls

    Everyone's favorite first run, this broad, moderately pitched slope faces east and gets the morning sun. Often has easier moguls along skiers right.

  • More DifficultClosedNorthwind LowerGroomed

    A nice little pitch takes you to the bottom of Mardi Gras and Cindy's.

  • More DifficultClosedReindeerSlow Skiing Zone

    A nice little drop off the side of lower Mardi Gras that leads to the Rail Park and the base area. Reindeer can be a secret stash of powder if you're lucky!

  • More DifficultClosedSnoozer

    A sweet little pitch that parallels Sunrise and gives you the option of heading to Creekside and the base area, or Sunrise and the Inn.

  • More DifficultClosedStewardess Cut

    This trail allows you to avoid the steep top sections of Chute and Edelweiss. Named after 3 stewardesses in the '50's who would use this easier way to reach the Ellicottville Ski Club.

  • More DifficultClosedSunriseGroomed

    At the doorstep of the Inn at Holiday Valley.

  • More DifficultClosedUpper WoodstockGroomed

    A New England style trail that lets you skip the steep headwall of Falcon, or keep heading east to get to Cindy's lift.

  • Most DifficultClosedChampagneGroomed

    One of Holiday Valley's original slopes with a nice steep top section. Often has bumps or rollers to make the terrain fun and interesting.

  • Most DifficultClosedChuteMogulsSlow Skiing Zone

    Often referred to as the "Freestyle Factory", the Chute has turned out Olympic bump skiers like Travis Mayer, Jillian Vogtli and Alex Wilson.

  • Most DifficultClosedCross CutGroomed

    Such a fun run that takes you to the bottom of Eagle or Morning Star chairs. Nice pitch, a southeasterly exposure and interesting twists and turns.

  • Most DifficultClosedEagleGroomed

    Locals' favorites, Eagle, Falcon and Hoot Owl (Holiday Valley's own Birds of Prey) are not open at night so the surface can be fresher and on powder days you will find it here!

  • Most DifficultClosedEdelweissGroomed

    A great most difficult run with a good consistent pitch. Races are often held on this slope.

  • Most DifficultClosedEgo AlleySlow Skiing Zone

    You'll need a big ego to ski this trail as you will be on display for all who ride Yodeler lift!

  • Most DifficultClosedFalconPartial Groomed

    The steepest of the "Birds", Falcon often is ungroomed on skier's left giving you some pretty darn challenging bumps!

  • Most DifficultClosedFalcon LowerGroomed

    Lower Falcon takes you to the bottom of Eagle or Morning Star lifts from Upper Falcon or from Explorer.

  • Most DifficultClosedFirecracker

    A nice steep pitch at the top. After you cross Holiday Run you have the choice of heading east to the bottom of Mardi Gras or west to the Chute chair.

  • Most DifficultClosedFirecracker WestGroomed

    This trail takes you from Firecracker or Holiday Run to the Chute lift or Valley Village condos.

  • Most DifficultClosedFoxfireGroomed

    Steep headwall leads to a nicely pitched wide slope. Skiers right is our biggest terrain park, skiers left is the NASTAR course.

  • Most DifficultClosedHoot OwlGroomed

    One of the "Birds", Hoot Owl has a great little pitch on top, then mellows out and gives you the choice of curving around to lower Fiddler's Elbow or heading down Raven.

  • Most DifficultClosedMaple LeafGroomed

    A nice challenging trail that takes you from the top of Cindys or SnowPine Chairs to lower Cindy's run.

  • Most DifficultClosedMoonshadowSlow Skiing Zone

    Runs parallel to Morning Star. Moonshadow is the site of our boardercross course and is open to the public when competitions are not scheduled.

  • Most DifficultClosedPipelineSlow Skiing Zone

  • Most DifficultClosedRavenGroomed

  • Most DifficultClosedShadows

    A steep trail, one of the Chute's hidden gems.

  • Most DifficultClosedSwiss TwistSlow Skiing Zone

    A fun little narrow twisty trail through the woods.

  • Most DifficultClosedWall BottomGroomed

    Runs from the SnowPine condos to the base of the SnowPine lift. Lower Bearcub on skiers right is an easier way down this short pitch.

  • Most DifficultClosedWall TopGroomed

    Runs from the top of SnowPine chair for access to Maple Leaf, Snowledge, Bear Cub, Sunrise, Last Chance or the Wall.

  • Most DifficultClosedYodelerGroomedMoguls

    In the heart of the resort, Yodeler is one of Holiday Valley's original slopes with a nice headwall and a good pitch all the way down. Often has bumps on skiers right.

  • Expert OnlyClosedThe WallSlow Skiing Zone

    The Wall is the steepest pitch at the Valley with upwards of 80% (38.5 degrees). Not groomed daily!

  • Glade SkiingClosedDevils GlenSlow Skiing Zone

  • Glade SkiingClosedEgo GladeSlow Skiing Zone

  • Glade SkiingClosedGobbler Glade

  • Glade SkiingClosedHappy GladeSlow Skiing Zone

  • Beginner Terrain ParkClosedTerrain Garden

  • Intermediate Terrain ParkClosedFiddlers's ElbowGroomedOpening Later

    Everyone's favorite park with intermediate and advanced rails and jumps on a nice, long run.

  • Intermediate Terrain ParkClosedRail Fun ParkGroomed

    At the base of Mardi Gras, this park has medium sized rails and boxes.

  • Advanced Terrain ParkClosedFoxfire

    Our largest park with jumps and rails.

  • Advanced Terrain ParkClosedMoonshadowGroomedOpening Later

  • QuadClosedChute Quad

  • QuadClosedCindy's Quad

    Located at the base area between Mardi Gras and Creekside Quads. Serves Cindy's Run, Foxfire, Maple Leaf and Snowledge and gives access to Sunrise Quad, SnowPine Quad and Eagle Quad.

  • QuadClosedCreekside Quad

    A slow moving, easy riding quad chair that serves the beginner's slopes of School Haus West and School Haus East.

  • QuadClosedEagle Quad

    Serving "The Birds", Falcon, Eagle, Hoot Owl, Raven, Woodpecker and Woodstock.

  • QuadClosedSnowPine Quad

    The SnowPine Quad provides ski-in/ ski-our service to SnowPine condos and townhouses and the Wall slope.

  • QuadClosedSpruce Lake Quad

    Serving the gentle terrain of Spruce Line, Raccoon and Cathedral. At the top you can view Spruce Lake, our snowmaking reservoir. Open Friday through Sunday.

  • QuadClosedSunrise Quad

    Originates at the Inn at Holiday Valley and services the Sunrise Slope.

  • QuadClosedYodeler Quad

    A Quad chair located outside the Yodeler Lodge and servicing Yodeler, Champagne and Edelweiss slopes. This is the site of Holiday Valley's original T-Bar.

  • High Speed QuadClosedMardi Gras Xpress Quad

    A High Speed Quad that transports skiers and riders from the base area to the top of Yodeler and Morning Star.

  • High Speed QuadClosedMorning Star Express Quad

    High speed quad that services Morning Star, Moonshadow, Fiddler's Elbow.

  • High Speed QuadClosedTannenbaum Express Quad

    The prettiest lift at Holiday Valley that travels up through the spruce forest. Serving Crystal, Mistletoe, Tannenbaum and Happy Glade.

  • CarpetClosedBoardwalk

    A moving sidewalk lift that serves the gentlest beginner shaped snow terrain.

  • CarpetClosedSki School Tow

    A handle tow that serves Slippery Streets beginners area.

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  • Demo CenterHigh Performance Shop

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Snowcats, snowmobiles may be encountered, Responsibility Code and Park Smart, Lift Safety, Ski and Ride with Common Sense.