Snowsports Lessons

Go With A Pro!

Holiday Valley Snowsports School is PSIA and AASI Certified. Skiing, snowboarding, cross country and telemark* skiing are taught by instructors who use the PSIA-AASI National Standards, giving consistency with other schools around the country. Our instructors attend continuing education clinics to familiarize themselves with the most recent teaching techniques, equipment innovations and the mental aspects of learning and improving your skiing or riding. The School offers children’s group lessons for kids from ages 4-11 and adult group lessons for ages 12 and up. Private lessons and semi-private lessons are available for ages 3 and up. Lessons are available 7 days a week during the day and night.

Cubs and Mountain Adventures Children's Programs for ages 4 to 11

Adult Ski and Snowboard Lessons for ages 12 and up

First time Learn to Ski or Ride Packages and tips for ages 12 and up

Book a lesson 

Call the private lesson direct line at 716-699-3506 to reserve a private lesson or semi-private lesson. If there is a specific instructor you want, request them by name.