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Adult Lessons

Ages: 12+
Activity: Ski
Group: Ski
Ability Level: Beginner Intermediate Advanced Expert

One of the most exhilarating aspects of skiing and snowboarding is how each season brings new experiences and challenges. Your objectives may shift—from prioritizing family fun last season to enhancing your skills this year. The conditions on the slopes constantly change, offering everything from fresh powder and well-groomed runs to challenging bumps. Plus, advances in equipment continue to enhance the sport. Each day you spend on the slopes is distinct, filled with its own set of adventures.

Our lessons offer personalized attention that can help you break boundaries, master new techniques, or simply enjoy the thrill of gliding down a snowy slope. Whether you’re looking to push your limits or just have fun, our expert coaches are here to make every day your best day on snow.

Lesson Times

Day Lessons start at 10:30AM or 1:30PM and last for 1.5 hours. 

Price: $45

Monday through Saturday Night Lessons start at 5:30, 6:30, or 7:30PM and last for 50 minutes.

Sunday Night Lessons start at 3:30, 4:30, or 5:30PM.

Price: $30

Snowsports FAQ/s

No, our system is set up where you pay for the lesson and then get the rentals and lift ticket as a added bonus in the package. There is no change of price if you already have them.

Helmets are a personal preference; therefore, they aren’t included in a package.

All are subject to availability.

Mtn. Adv. ½ day – 2-hour lesson, 8-hour all area lift ticket, 8-hour rental. 

Mtn. Adv. Full day – 5-hour lesson, 8-hour all area lift ticket, 8-hour rental, lunch. 

Cubs – 2-hour lesson, 8-hour lift ticket, 8-hour rental. 

LTS/LTR – 1 ½ hour lesson, 8-hour beginner area lift ticket, 8-hour rental. 

Adult Group – 1 ½ hour lesson. 

Privates – Your choice of the length of lesson. 1-hour, 1 ½ hour, 3-hour, 5-hour. 

No. You have to give us a call and present your Passholder Benefit Card at the time of registration. 

Skis, ski boots, and poles. 

Snowboard and snowboard boots. 

We will not be able to accommodate any refund or change of date. 

You have to give us a call at 716-699-3505 to see what is available, if there is room for the switch we can accommodate. This change has to happen before the 24-hour mark. 

Our lessons still go out unless the resort is closed or there is thunder or lightning, where the lifts will have to stop running. Dress accordingly and plan on having a fun time in the softer snow! 

LTS/LTR is for someone who has never been on skis or a snowboard before. This is a lesson for a very beginner. We suggest that you only take this lesson once. This lesson comes as a package for you, with rentals, and lift ticket. 

Adult Group lessons are for the level 2 and up, this is the lesson you would take after one LTS/LTR lesson. This lesson is not a package you purchase just the lesson and add rental and lift ticket on top if necessary.

We want you to be in Creekside Lodge around 45 minutes to a hour before the start time for the lesson. In case of a line and the lesson leaves right at the start time. 

No, if you are not taking lesson you will have to get everything from the Main Lodge. 

No, you need to give us a call 24 hours in advance if you would like a change of date or any sort of refund. You can also email with contact information letting us know you would like to cancel your lesson.