GeoCaching at Holiday Valley

It's a new adventure at Holiday Valley...geocaching! We have 8 locations around the resort marked by the symbols of the 8 clans of the Senecas. Visit each location, collect the codes, then solve the puzzle by unscrambling the letters. 

Enjoy a nice hike in the woods, make it a quick trip to one location or venture across the whole resort spanning over 6 miles of walking between the sites. Enjoy views from the Champagne Warming Hut and Cindy’s Overlook! Feel free to take a sticker from the box and be sure to log in the books or leave something yourself.


Snipe Clan- 42.258284, -78.690927- Mistletoe Warming Hut

Deer Clan- 42.255502, -78.691646 - Top of Tannenbaum 

Turtle Clan- 42.256789, -78.684555 - Top of Morning Star

Hawk Clan- 42.258601, -78.681419 - Edelwiess Warming hut 

Beaver Clan- 42.252237, -78.674216 - Top of Eagle

Bear Clan - 42.257506, -78.684162 - Top of Mardi Gras

Wolf Clan- 42.255780, -78.664865 - Top of Cindys 

Heron Clan- 42.257022, -78.662280 - Top of Sunrise