Terrain Parks

Holiday Valley offers snowboarders and freeriders plenty of room to play. Five terrain parks are open to all. And for general cruising, you can't beat our network of 58 trails. Check our events calendar below for upcoming competitions in Boarder Cross, slopestyle and rails.

Last year Automated Snowmaking was added to the Fiddler's Elbow intermediate level park for earlier opening and great snow! Moonshadow remains as the boardercross course. The Rail Park at the base of Mardi Gras will contain intermediate level rails. Introductory features will remain on the east side of School Haus and in the Riglet Park. Our goal is to create rideable parks with multiple lines where each feature flows into the next. The area to the east of School Haus is the Progression Park and Terrain Garden with introductory level smaller boxes, rails and snow features. It is a great place to learn how to use terrain features and a place to just relax and have some fun. 

And if you're new to riding, Holiday Valley is a Burton Learn to Ride Center and Burton Kids Learn to Ride Center! What this all means is that you'll learn from the best instructors using the best teaching methods on the best equipment.

Terrain Park Safety: PARK SMART 

Start Small: Work your way up. Build your skills.

Make a Plan: Every feature, every time.

Always Look: Before you drop.

Respect: The features and other users.

Take it Easy: Know your limits. Land on your feet.

Inverted Aerials are Prohibited at Holiday Valley except during sanctioned events by qualified competitors.


2016-17 Terrain Park Events

 December 26-30 Snowboard Christmas Camp
 January 28-29  USASA Boardercross events
 February 8-10  NorAM Snowboard Races