Summer Chairlift Rides

Holiday Valley is pleased to offer “foot passenger chair lift service” to our groups. The Mardi Gras, Yodeler and Spruce Lake lifts are available. There are a number of important aspects that should be considered when planning use of this service.

Persons with disabilities are welcome to make use of Holiday Valley chairlifts if they are able to do so safely. All customers may ask any lift attendant to slow the lift so that they may more comfortably load the lift.


Outside elements and weather are constantly changing and can impact the successful use of a chair lift.

 1. Lifts operate under NYS regulations for foot passenger speed. While this speed is slower than winter operation, it requires the individual to have good balance, adequate strength and motor skills in order to access, load and exit the chairlift. Ramps at the top and bottom of the chair are in mountainous terrain. They are uneven and require attention and vigilance by the rider.

 2. Individuals must familiarize themselves with safe chairlift operation and be safety conscious. The chairlift travels many feet above the ground. Individuals sensitive to heights may choose not to ride.


All lift passengers should wear durable shoes that provide support and adequate protection from irregular ground, including mud and wet grass. Elevated platform shoes or high heels are discouraged.


Mountain conditions can change dramatically and quickly. In particular, thunderstorm cells can take a blue sky day and turn it into a violent and dangerous condition in minutes. Rain and wet weather is primarily an inconvenience, but creates slippery footing. The lightning associated with a thunderstorm mandates that chairlifts cease operation as soon as passengers can be safely evacuated. A chairlift cannot be restarted until the lightning associated with a thunderstorm is sufficiently far enough away. Final determination of whether a lift will be operated for a group is at the discretion of Holiday Valley Resort and the operating personnel


Individuals are allowed to ride around the bullwheel at the top of the lift or exit, dependent on the selected activity. The lifts must be run at slow speed to qualify for foot passenger traffic. The following speeds and times apply:


Lift Name Lift Speed Ride Time
Mardi Gras  1.4 mph 9 min
Yodeler 2.3 mph 8.5 min
Sunrise 2.3 mph 10 min
Spruce Lake 2.3 mph 11 min

The downhill carrying capacity is rated for two people on every other chair on Sunrise, Yodeler and Spruce and 4 people in every other chair on  Tannenbaum and 6 people on every chair on Mardi Gras.


Service Animals are not permitted to ride Holiday Valley chairlifts. We will transport guest and animal as needed by Ranger vehicle when request can be reasonably accommodated with advance notice.

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