Beginner Ladies Golf

Forget what you've heard about golf...women CAN golf and golf CAN be fun! Check out our Beginner's Ladies Group that meets every Wednesday night at 5 PM in the Golf Shop. Lesson weeks alternate with fun on-course play nights. It isn't necessary to sign up in advance, just come whenever you like, individually or with a partner. The lesson nights begin with a 30 minute lesson or rule each night, then you go out on the course with 3 others and "play by the rules as best as you can"! Once you get to 10 strokes, you can pick up your ball! How's that for no pressure? Cost is $15.00 each night. Cart rental is optional, but if you want a cart it is $10.00 per person.

Lesson Weeks start at 5PM at the Golf Shop - come early to check in and get ready.
Open Play starts at 5PM - come early to check in and get ready.