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Riglet Park

The Burton Riglet Park, new in 2014, is a specially designed area for teaching the tiniest rippers, age 3-5. The Riglet Park uses the concept of terrain based learning, where variations in the terrain are used to teach snowboarding skills. The kids start in the park right from the beginning so learning is fun!

The boots are soft and comfortable featuring easy entry Velcro closures. The boards are specially designed for first timers with a beveled base and soft flex for easy turning and a "Riglet Reel" which is a retractable leash that allows the instructors to pull the students over the features.

The park is built on flat terrain with mini rollers, banked turns and very low level boxes and rails. As the coach pulls the child over the features using the Riglet Reel, they learn snowboarding skills by experience, without having to be taught. The terrain keeps the children interested and having fun. Because they don’t have to provide their own power, the children don’t get tired as quickly and learning happens. They don’t have to think, they just do; that’s what kids are the best at. The learning curve is shortened and the kids finish the lesson feeling that they’re real snowboarders.

Watch this super cute video about opening day at the Riglet Park!