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The inside scoop from Mountain Operations Director, Steve Crowley.

Stay tuned for a weekly message about the snow, the base, snowmaking and upcoming events, straight from the source, Holiday Valley Mountain Ops.

Inside Scoop from Mountain Ops Dec.19

Steve Crowley - Thursday, December 19, 2013

December 19, 2013
“Is this the real life?  Is it just fantasy? Caught in a land slide, No escape from reality, Open your eyes, Look up to the skies and see, I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy, Because I’m “easy come, easy go” Little high, Little low, Any way the wind blows….”  (FM “75) 

Little high little low that’s how the weather goes, we have had several nights of very low temperatures, even seeing negative 12 f on Monday night and Tuesday morning this week. We had another great run of snowmaking through Thursday morning and have several lifts and trails to add this weekend. The Chute will open on Friday along with Shadows and Firecracker. On Saturday morning we’ll open SnowPine Lift with all trails there except the Wall-headwall. We'll need another run of snowmaking there and hope to get it open a week from now. This will bring us to 9 chairlifts and two surface lifts. Eagle lift will open next week with Falcon, Hoot Owl, Raven, Woodpecker and Woodstock. We had planned to open Eagle this Saturday but with the warm temps and wet weather, it is best to postpone the grooming out of the snowmaking piles. Spruce lift should be up and running right after Christmas. The snowmakers have produced over 700 acre feet of snow so far this year on  about 225 acres of snowmaking trails. Quick math will tell you that you have about 3 feet of manmade snow AND 60+ inches of natural (which compacted down to about 12 inches), so say that's an average of 4 feet under skis or board. This is great early season insurance to ward off any warm up or liquid precip event we may see in the next couple of days. So it is no escape from reality, but be assured the slope conditions will hold up well, any way the wind blows!
Time to add the other fun activities...Our Mountain Coaster, located at the Tannenbaum Lodge will open for the season Friday, as will the Tubing Park. The boys had a grand time shoveling snow off the uphill coaster track today and riding the “plow car” on the down track to clear off the snow. Our vehicle and grooming Manager, ED has built a new grooming implement to carve tubing lanes at the Tubing Park. We currently have 12 lanes ready to slide and the Tubing Park will open Friday at 4 pm. These new lanes are much narrower than what we built previously and when the park is complete, 20+ lanes will be available.  The park also now has a huge roller in the run out area, along with tighter lanes and it will be more fun than ever before. SO open your eyes, look up to skies and see, there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy all Holiday Valley has to offer you this weekend. With colder days ahead as we head into the Holiday week, come join us for some fun and we’ll enjoy the real life! Laurie and I will see you on the slopes we’ll be hiking up in the morning and I’ll need no sympathy for sure!