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Hole Number 1

394 Yards, Par 4

A great opening tee shot. Favor the right side of the fairway for best approach to the green and to avoid a lurking creek which winds it way down the left side of the opening hole. Anything left short and right of the green will roll onto the green. 





Hole Number 2 

hole 2351 Yards, Par 4

Long hitters must choose between a fairway wood or long iron to avoid water on the left which sits only 229 yards from the center of the tee box. The green is sloped severely from front to back and well bunkered. 





Hole Number 3 

hole 3400 Yards, Par 4

A straight tee shot is very necessary to make birdie here. Out of Bounds lines the entire left side of this hole which also has the left side protected by a large fairway bunker. A pond sits on the right side of the fairway waiting to grab errant tee shots. This two-tiered Green makes you think about positioning your second shot depending on the pin placement.




Hole Number 4 

hole 4423 Yards, Par 4 

Big Hitters can carry the pine trees on left side but don’t cut off too much or the Out of Bounds, which is lurking in those trees, will have you teeing up another. This green runs away from the player from center to back making the player play short so not to result in going over. But be sure to miss the large lip on the bunker which will result in a tough up and down.




Hole Number 5

hole 5202 Yards, Par 3

The first Par 3 on the front side calls for a straight long iron into the green which is protected with two front sod wall greenside bunkers, which also call for a high approach to hold this flat green.




Hole Number 6 

hole 6491 Yards, Par 5 

A distinct dogleg left that gets more challenging every year. Pine trees and out of bounds line the entire left side beg for you to bite off more than you can chew. A blind hazard cuts through the fairway just inside of 100 yards from the green making you think about how far you want to hit your lay up shot.





Hole Number 7

hole 7374 Yards, Par 4

An intimidating tee shot with water bordering both sides of the fairway. The pond sitting on the left side sits 190 yards from the tee making for a nice approach shot 150 yards out. A straight second shot is required to split the greenside bunkers. The right bunker is very deep and your shot usually results in a bogey.




Hole Number 8 

hole 8404 Yards, Par 4 

A straight forward Par 4 with trees bordering both sides of the fairway and Out of Bounds in the trees on the right side of the fairway. Two new sod wall bunkers have been added to make the long hitter find the fairway on the right and left side. The green is fairly flat which should yield a lot of birdies.


If it's lunch time, take a minute to call McCarty Cafe from the phone at the number 8 tee and order a sandwich. You can pick it up on your way to number 10.


Hole Number 9

hole 9161 Yards, Par 3

This is an all or nothing Par 3 that plays directly down the creek. If your approach is short and does not clear the rock wall your ball will be in the hazard. Choose your club wisely because this hole plays into the prevailing wind and you should error on the side of long but watch out for those three difficult sod wall bunkers that lurk just behind the putting surface. Once you get on, enjoy the largest green on the course.



Hole Number 10 

hole 10171 Yards, Par 3 

A short Par 3 from 3 new elevated tees over the heather to the well bunkered green. 2 large bunkers protect the front left and right of the green. The green is sloped from back to front making a long tee shot a difficult chance at par. If your ball ends up above this hole you will need a deft touch to keep it close.





E'ville Corner: Holes 11-13.

These three holes will typically make or break a good round. E'ville Corner consists of many beautiful tee locations, creeks and ravines, elevations, split fairways and undulating greens. It will test all of your skills.

Hole Number 11 

hole 11365 Yards, Par 4

Holiday Valley's signature hole...a test of everything you've got. A dogleg left Par 4 with a lateral hazard bordering the ravine on the left side and Out of Bounds on the right side. Hit the ball 180 to be able to see the green over the larger ravine. The farther you hit your drive the better angle to the green you have. This is the hole which will make or break your round.




Hole Number 12 

hole 12187 Yards, Par 3 

A straight forward Par 3 with a large deep green. Left of the green slopes away making for a tough up and down. The large green is 35 yards from front to back, so make sure you know the pin placement, it will help on the club selection. A large bunker lurks off the front left protecting this green and right of the cart path is a lateral hazard.




Hole Number 13 

hole 13446 Yards Par 4

This downhill Par 4 has our only double fairway. Out of bounds right and lateral hazard left makes the player hit a drive to the split fairway. This hole will require some thought off the tee to decide which fairway will yield the lower score. The green is extremely challenging to putt as it is very difficult to determine the break.




Hole Number 14 

hole 14548 Yards, Par 5 

A side hill Par 5 with a lateral water hazard the entire right side of the hole. Hit your tee shot into the right side of the fairway for extra roll. The second shot is a blind one that can be quite tricky if you’re trying to get home in two. Bail out short here; left and long is trouble as the hill runs away from the green.





Hole Number 15 

hole 15220 Yards, Par 3

Great Par 3 downhill with 100 yard drop. Plays 2 clubs shorter due to the elevation change, adjust accordingly. Missing the green short left will find a small bunker, or anywhere right of the green will find "the beach", the largest bunker on the course. You'll need a great bunker shot to come up with a par out of either of these. Once on the green the hill makes the green look flat, but in actuality it slopes extremely to the front right edge.


Please be sure to stay on the cart path at all times on this hole!


Hole Number 16 

hole 16458 Yards, Par 4

The hole which is now a par 4 is a beast playing into the prevailing wind. Play your tee ball down the right side of the fairway to catch some extra roll and cut off some yards into the green. The creek in front of the green will snag any shots that are hit fat. The green is sloped from back to front making a long approach a difficult shot at getting up and down.




Hole Number  17 

hole 17480 Yards, Par  

A totally redesigned difficult uphill par 5. Off the tee favor the left side to stay away from the fairway bunker. Your lay up and shot to the green should also favor the left side due to the slope of the hill, just don't hit it too far left of you or you'll be in the hazard. Anything right of the green spells an end to any chance for par. 





Hole Number 18 

hole 18429 Yards, Par 4 

The home hole is a challenging par 4 down the hill with woods down the left side. Your approach shot will play much shorter due to the downhill shot but make sure to bring enough club to get it over the creek in front. The green slopes from back to front and makes for a speedy putt if above the hole. Then it’s off to the cabaña bar for some refreshing drinks.