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Sky High

Located near the Tannenbaum Lodge at the western end of Holiday Valley, Sky High offers an Aerial Park, a Climbing Forest, a Mountain Coaster and Gem Mining plus scenic chairlift rides and moutain biking!  

With 13 courses of varying difficulty levels covering 5 acres, Sky High is the largest aerial park in New York State and 3rd largest in the US. It consists of platforms, obstacles, bridges and ziplines. 

At Sky High everyone wears a harness with a special locking lanyard that safeguards you from falling if you slip or let go.

Children must be at least 7 years old, and all guests must be able to perform certain physical tasks to participate.

There is a weight limit of 265 pounds and climbers must be able to perform certain physical tasks.

Please dress appropriately with closed toe shoes like sneakers or hiking shoes and bring rain gear if the weather looks questionable.

For your safety and comfort, please tie long hair back and do not wear dangling jewelry.

Tickets are for 3 hours and most climbers can complete 3 or 4 courses during that time. Reservations are required on weekends and suggested for weekdays at the Aerial Park, call (716) 699-HIGH

Sky High FAQs

The tickets for our Aerial Park are good for a 3hr time period in which guests may do as many courses as they can. On average a course takes anywhere from 30-45 minutes to complete, and guests generally complete 3-4 courses in their allotted time; some more, some less depending on how fast the guest moves, and how fast park traffic is moving.

Please wear close-toed shoes for both the climbing forest and the aerial park.

We suggest you bring a bottle of water with you in the park, especially on hot days.

A reservation is only needed for the Aerial Park 3hr climb tickets; the option to add the mountain coaster will be provided when you check in for your reservation for the discounted package pricing.

Our weight limit for the Aerial Park is 265 lbs; this a firm number as we go by the Manufacturer’s Equipment Rating.

Our Reservation schedule is created for guests looking to experience the full 3hr climb; anything sold when nearing closing, is on a first serve basis and upon availability. The ticket is discounted due to the limited amount of time a guest receives coming in at that time. We start closing courses down an hour before the end of our scheduled day due to the length of time it takes to complete courses. Black diamond courses close first, followed by the Blue square courses, with the green and yellow circle courses closing last. 

Yes dogs are permitted in the park, as long as they are on a leash and the owner picks up after them. However, they are not allowed on the Chairlifts.

Kids can climb in the Aerial Park starting at age 7. Ages 7-9 can climb the yellows with supervision* by an adult and the greens with a climbing adult**. Ages 10-11 can climb the yellows and greens with supervision by an adult and the blues with a climbing adult.
The height requirement for Grand Rapids I and II is over 54". Ages 12-13 can climb the yellows, greens and blues with supervision by an adult and blacks with a climbing adult. Age 14 can climb solo all courses except the double black. 
*Supervision means an adult (18+) who stands on the ground and guides 1-10 children.
**Climbing adult means an adult (18+) who accompanies up to 2 children on the course.

To ride the Sky Flyer Mountain Coaster, a guest must be at least 3yrs old and 38” tall. To ride alone guests must be at least 8 years old and 54” tall. Anyone under 54” tall must be accompanied by a rider at least 16 years or older.

Our courses range in height, anywhere from 15 feet to approximately 45-50 feet off the ground. Our easier courses, yellows and greens, are approximately 15-20 feet off the ground, and the height goes up from there as the difficulty level goes up.

We do not have a zip line by itself; zip lines are a part of each course and are a secondary feature to the obstacles. Each course consists of obstacles such as moving bridges, tight-rope walking, ladders, nets, zip lines, tunnels, among other kinds of elements. There are generally 2 zip lines in each course, some have more, some have less depending on the course.

Our Aerial Park is a progression park; this means guests must start off on the easier courses, by choosing a yellow or a green course first, before proceeding to anything more difficult. Think of this as a warm-up to a work out, and a good way to get used to working with and understanding our safety equipment. It is easier to understand how everything works by starting off on something easier to get your bearings.

Your hands are occupied while climbing, so we suggest you leave valuables behind. You would not want to lose any items on the forest floor. Anything valuable is best left at home, in your car, or in one of our coin lockers located in the lodge (hint: bring $1 in quarters). There isn’t anywhere on the harness to put these items, and if you do not have a secure pocket, then you run the risk of losing something.

Our Aerial Park is a series of 13 different obstacle courses in the trees with 5 different levels of difficulty. You will find obstacles such as moving bridges, tight-ropes, ladders, zip lines, tunnels, nets, among other kinds of elements in this park. Our Climbing Forest is a unique climbing-wall experience but it's in the forest, where the hand-holds are ratchet strapped around 9 different trees with 4 different levels of difficulty. Each guest is attached to an auto-belay system, so once you reach whatever height level you’d like, you just let go and let the equipment slowly lower you back down to the ground.

We do climb in the rain, and it is a very interesting time to be out in the forest. The only delays would be for severe weather like lightning or snow. The severity of the storm will determine whether we close or just delay. Call the Harness Shop if you have a question about the current weather, 716-699-4444.