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Meet Our HV Staff - Tracey Storey

blog_tracey-storey767.jpgThe staff at Holiday Valley prides itself on having unique personalities, a love for guest-centric customer service and perhaps above all, having fun. They are part of the experience that makes visiting the resort such a memorable experience. This Staff Series is an opportunity for you, our valued guest, to get to know some of our staff so that the next time you are visiting the resort, you’ll feel even more at home as a result of “getting to know” some of our staff. 

Who are you ? 

My name is Tracey Storey

What do you do at HV? 

Currently I work for Centerplate in the food & beverage department here at HV. I am a staff supervisor at McCarty’s Café, I manage Tannenbaum Lodge and during the winter, I help the team at both the main lodge and Yodeler as well. I have been with Centerplate since February 2017. Before I worked for Centerplate, you could find me working for the Mountain Ops team at HV as a ticket checker/ lift attendant; mostly at the Yodeler lift. I loved the 7 seasons I spent there for sure! A fun fact a lot of people may not know about me, my first ever job was here at HV at the Inn in housekeeping when I was 16!

Summer or winter and why? 

To be honest, I love every season here! However, I prefer the winter and ski season. I can contribute my thanks to that for so many incredible seasons working for Mountain Ops. Skiers, Snowboarders; everyone in general that enjoys snow sports really helped me gain a lot of love for winter! Not to mention, its just magical watching everything come together for the season to begin! The snowmaking process and the grooming patterns, there isn’t a lot that beats the view of a beautiful sunrise on a fresh corduroy path, first thing on a crisp winter morning! Winter at HV, to me, is just so magical! The night lights and the views just amaze me! I do enjoy the summer months here as well though. Watching weddings and different events just come together; winter is just my favorite time of the year! 

What is your favorite thing about your job? 

The people. Everyone. Whether a HV employee or a Centerplate employee; the feeling of being such an important part of a team, its like having a giant family at work! I like to learn new things and be a part of new ideas, watching everything unfold! The experiences I have learned from our executive chef, our sous chefs and some of the other cooks are just phenomenal! A lot of which I will never forget. The clean and friendly atmosphere to enjoy calling my home away from home, my job!

When you’re not working, how do you spend your time?  

I spend my time off with my daughters and my mom and brother. Writing letters to my second born who is away at basic training in FT Benning, GA! We go to the state park and hike, have cook outs, swim at Spruce Lake. We also have two sweet dogs that I spend extra time with when I am not working! My daughters enjoy climbing sky high, snowboarding, we just hang out and stay busy!

If you are off work and having fun with friends at HV what are you doing? 

If I am at HV and not working I am usually watching my kids snowboard, zip line or just hang out with their friends and my own around a fire pit. While I am sipping cocktails! Enjoying an absolutely breathtaking view! I used to ski blade as well, I haven’t been able to do that in a few years though!

Most underrated thing to do at HV?   

In my opinion, snowshoeing. There are so many amazing and just beautiful views here at HV that I think are sometimes way overlooked! I haven’t seen a lot of snowshoers in my years at Holiday Valley. The ones I have seen are few and far between.

What makes HV special?   

The people. The employees. The consistency of each team member. The friendliness of everyone that works here. The memories you can make out of so many fun things available to do here! The togetherness that we have all endured, each department; through the entire COVID-19 pandemic. Each step we all had to take to make sure we as a team were safe, and so were our guests! Professionalism, the courtesy and an overall happy place to be. To me, that’s what makes HV special!      

Best HV memory? 

There are so many great memories I have of HV! The days when I was a lifty and watched the snowmakers carve the snobar, all the champagne sundeck season passholders cookouts, the live music at not only Yodeler in the winter, but at Cabana in the summer! The people I have met along the way! The friends I have made while working here. How beautiful a wedding set up actually is! A lot of great memories that keep me here, at Holiday Valley.

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