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Tailgating: Your New Base Area Lodge

Dash Hegeman

If you’re looking for an easy and fun way to social distance, look no further than your vehicle

There is no doubt that some things on and off the slopes are different this season. And while much of the adjustments make the resort experience a different one, one thing remains the same: Holiday Valley is your place for wintertime fun! 

One of the things that we’ve noticed so far this season when it comes to adjustments that people have made in order to comply with social distancing requirements is the adaptation of the family car as the new Base Lodge. Not only are people doing it effectively but by and large they are having a great time with it. The football season may be coming to a close but tailgating is alive and well at Holiday Valley. 

Below are a list of suggestions on how to make your tailgating experience a great one this winter:

Collapsible Chairs

If you don’t already own some, these are a great investment and are not one that you have to break the bank on. Obviously, you want something that packs down nicely so you can save room in your car but there are a number of options out there that will make your life a lot easier once you arrive at the resort. Whether you are putting your boots on, trying to put your kids boots, looking for a makeshift clothing rack as you get ready on or just taking a break to rest your legs a bit in between runs, a collapsible chair is a must this season. And if the arm rest has a beverage holder, even better!

Portable Gas Grill

We have gone through great measures to make sure that all of the dining outlets at Holiday Valley are as safe and well thought out for your dining needs as we can possibly do but this season there is another way to get your post-ski meal; cook it up yourself right next to your vehicle. There are a number of easy to use, conveniently sized gas grills or camp stoves out there that will be able to heat up all of the food that you’re looking to eat after a fun day out on the slopes. 

A Great Thermos

There are so many thermos options out there now and not all of them are super expensive. You can easily find something these days that you can fill with a hot drink, store in your car all day long and still have it be plenty hot when you’re done skiing/riding. 

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

What’s an impromptu party without a little music? Get yourself an easy to use, portable bluetooth speaker, link it up to your phone and let your Spotify account do the rest. Just remember that we are a family resort so please keep the volume at a respectable level and the playlist acceptable to all in earshot.

Collapsible Picnic Table

Find a lightweight table that easily folds down. There are some out there that are table and seat combos and fold down to about the size of a suitcase. 

Fleece Outdoor Stadium Blanket

It is winter and you’ll want to stay warm while enjoying your tailgating session. Find yourself a nice, large fleece blanket and enjoy the cozy warmth while you’re telling tales of your skiing/riding exploits. 

These are just a few ideas for you when you’re planning your tailgating experience. This season, we want to see your creativity and the fun you have when you tailgate at Holiday Valley. So post your pictures to Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter and use #tailgateholidayvalley. At the end of the season, we’ll pick our favorite picture and award some sweet tailgating prizes! 

Finally, once you are finished with your tailgating fun, the one thing we ask that you keep in mind is to pack up anything that you used during your stay. Please do not leave your litter in the parking lot for others to take care of. After all, part of the fun of being outside on the slopes is taking in the beauty of the natural surroundings. And that is much easier to do when we all take accountability for our own garbage. Thank you

Good luck and have a fantastic season on and off the slopes! And thank you for helping us stay open by practicing social distancing and wearing your face coverings at Holiday Valley. 

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