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Meet Our HV Staff - Pam Burtch

blog_pam2.jpg​The staff at Holiday Valley prides itself on having unique personalities, a love for guest-centric customer service and perhaps above all, having fun. They are part of the experience that makes visiting the resort such a memorable experience. This Staff Series is an opportunity for you, our valued guest, to get to know some of our staff so that the next time you are visiting the resort, you’ll feel even more at home as a result of “getting to know” some of our staff. 

Who are you? What do you do at HV and how long have you been working here? 

I am Pam Burtch. I worked at the valley as a lift attendant - ticket checker back in 1987-1991.  Then I married, had two children and spent 20 years being a homeschool mom to our two sons and wife to my dear husband.  In 2011, I returned to the Valley working part time as a ticket checker – lift attendant.  In the summer of 2013, I began working in the landscape department.  I am currently the supervisor of the landscape department and continue to work on the lifts in the winter. 

What do you like more, summer or winter? Why? 

The summer and winter seasons both have their benefits.  I can’t say I prefer one over the other.  During the summer, I enjoy the challenge of creating and maintaining the flower beds which help to beautify the resort and  give the customers and employees a better environment while at the resort.

But there is something refreshing about winding down for the winter season, interacting with the winter crowd on the slopes and embracing the winter elements of WNY! 

I enjoy the variety of the seasons with the change of weather, customers, employees and job responsibilities.

What is your favorite thing about your job? 

It is rewarding for me, to provide a service that enhances others experience and time at the Valley.  In the summer I help to provide an environment that helps them appreciate the beauty of creation, to slow down for a time and enjoy their surroundings.  In the winter, it can be as simple as showing them how to get to a certain slope, how to put their boot in their binding, how to knock the snow off the bottom of their boot so it can fit in the binding or the pleasure of helping first timers, big and small, off the magic carpet and watching them grow in their confidence.  It is a pleasure to see the fear on their faces replaced with  a smile as they experience skiing or snowboarding for the first time and that they can enjoy being outside in a WNY winter with their friends and family.

When you're not working, how do you enjoy spending your time? 

When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with my husband relaxing,  often doing outdoor activities like biking, hiking, kayaking and camping.  I do not spend time working on my home landscape!

If you're off work and having fun with friends at HV, what are you doing?

If I’m off work, I’m usually not at the Valley.  Sometimes we will tie in a hike after hours but we don’t live real close to the Valley and there are many other areas of WNY where we spend our after work hours. 

Most underrated thing to do at HV in your opinion? 

A “first tracks” hike up Northwind before I start work at Mardi Gras in the winter, when the temps are single digits, a fresh snow on the ground, listening to the stillness of winter and yet hearing the subtle sounds of the wind in the trees, the subdued animal sounds, breathing the crisp, rawness in the air, snow drifting down from the sky or when the sky is a bright blue making the snow sparkle… a magical time..  when all is blanketed in white….

What's your best HV memory? 

The winter seasons when I was able to ski in the evenings with my husband and two sons, having a “picnic” dinner in the Tannenbaum lodge by the upper fireplace and spending time on the slopes together. 

In your opinion, what makes HV special? 

I thinks it’s the overall environment that I experience as an employee but also as a customer.  It is a big resort, but has a small family feel, a comfortable place to be.  For the most part, people are there to enjoy themselves and it has a positive feel.  The employees work at providing a pleasant experience. 

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