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Old Man Winter running down a slope in the fall.


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The Adventures of Old Man Winter

You never know what surprises are in store for you at Holiday Valley. Recently our Mountain Crew was doing some daily upkeep around the resort and just happened to stumble upon an old friend. 

Upon waking up, Old Man Winter did what anyone would do after such a long slumber. He made a beeline to the bathroom.

Afterwards, Old Man Winter made a shocking discovery out on the slopes. 

After a nice long nap, who doesn't need a little freshening up at the spa? Old Man Winter stopped by the Ellicottville Oasis Spa at the Tamarack Club to get spruced up for the winter season.

After his spa treatment, Old Man Winter made a beeline for the Customer Service building to pick up his Season Pass...only to discover a little change in the process.

Rumors of a new cat in the Maintenance Building sparks Old Man Winter's curiosity so he heads over to the shop to make a new friend.

More Old Man Winter shenanigans are coming soon so make sure to check back to follow his adventures. 

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