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Learn a Snowsport Month

Dash Hegeman

Great Deals and Great Fun, All January Long!

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution this year? Perhaps you vowed to focus more on your physical and mental wellbeing. Maybe you decided that you needed to spend less time tied to a screen and more time enjoying Mother Nature. Or possibly being in the company of family and loved ones is now a greater priority to you. No matter what your focus is, there’s a good chance that Holiday Valley can help you achieve your goals.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not an avid skier or snowboarder because January is National Learn a Snowsports Month, a time where ski resorts throughout the nation put an added emphasis on helping people of all ages and backgrounds find a new passion out on the slopes. Some people view winter as something that they have to tolerate before they can get back to the warmth of summer and the beauty of fall. But here at Holiday Valley, we want to do our part to not only help you embrace winter in Western New York but to ultimately fall in love with skiing or snowboarding. Here are a few reasons why we think you’ll enjoy snowsports:

A New Form of Exercise:

Going to the gym and lifting weights is a tried and true way to get in shape. That said, during these times, it’s probably difficult for you to do. But what if there was an even better way to get in a fantastic leg and core workout and it didn’t even require you to do a single rep? Snowsports are great at targeting muscle groups that you probably would never even think to hit at the gym and they do it in a way that doesn’t even make you think you are working out. Plus, exercising outdoors has been proven to help you sleep better at night, which helps make for a healthier all-around-lifestyle.

Make New Friends:

Since we’ve all be social distancing for many months now, you probably haven’t had ample opportunities to expand your social network. But when you take a group lesson, you’ll be put in a small group of people who are new to snowsports; just like you. Throughout the course of your lesson, you’ll have the chance to get to know some new people as you help each other progress throughout the lesson. It doesn’t matter if you’re skiing or snowboarding, everyone remembers their first time out on the slopes and the memories they made with the people who were with them.

Do it for the ‘Gram:

Let’s just be honest here, skiing and snowboarding provide great content for your social media channels. Want some inspiration for content ideas, go follow Holiday Valley on Instagram and get some motivation for your next social post.

It’s Cathartic:

Let’s be honest; we are in the midst of some perplexing times. Finding a way to wrap your head around what is taking place in the world can be a difficult task. Having a space to yourself where you can take a step back and unwind is a great stress reliever. We are here to tell you that if you’ve never had the pleasure of riding on a chairlift on a sunny, bluebird day, you are in for a treat the first time you do.

You Set the Pace:

While there will be other people out on the slopes with you, snowsports are all about you and what you are comfortable with. There is no need to feel stressed or rushed when you are out there because as long as you are having fun that is truly all that matters. And when you take a lesson during National Learn a Snowsports Month, our talented, professional snowsports instructors will teach you some of the best techniques available to help you feel comfortable on the snow, while also encouraging you to push yourself at a pace that you are comfortable with.

Good Old Fashion Fun:

We all crave things that are fun. Skiing and snowboarding can provide that and then some! Throughout its history, generations of families have been coming to Holiday Valley to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Those are just a few of the many ways that spending the winter at Holiday Valley can enrich your winter. But the only way you’re going to find out is if you try for yourself. So take advantage of the great savings that Learn a Snowsports Month provides and start your path towards finding a new love for snow.

Throughout the month of January, you can get half priced learn to ski/ride packages for ages 12 and up during the day and 8 and up for nighttime lessons. The daytime price is $37 and the price for a night package is just $27. The Beginner's Package includes - beginner's lesson, beginner's lift ticket and rental equipment for skiing or snowboarding. Here's more information about Learn a Snowsports Month at Holiday Valley.

Remember, you can learn to ski or ride any month throughout the winter but you can only take advantage of these great savings in January; so don’t miss out.

“Learning to ski and snowboard is really fun but learning to do it at half price is even better!”
Allie Doro - Holiday Valley Snowsports Director.

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