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Meet our HV Staff - Jeff Zink

Jeff ZinkWho are you? What do you do at HV and how long have you been working here?

My name is Jeff Zink. I am a Lift Operator and have been working here for 37 years (I'm officially the longest running lifty here at HV!) I mainly work at the Yodeler lift, but operate/have operated all the other lifts as well. I worked nights here for 30 years before switching to days. In the summer I work at the mountain coaster (also the longest running coaster employee!) 

What do you like more, summer or winter? Why? 

I like all seasons around here as they all have their beauty. In the winter I love skiing and all the extra influx of people we have here. I love being at the coaster in summer, that's a whole other thing itself and different crowd. 

What is your favorite thing about your job?

Definitely the people! The people are my family! They all come around in your time of need. I had a house fire years back and the customers started bringing car loads of stuff for me. Employees too, but the customers really shocked me. 

I worked for Jigger (Hadley Concrete who has done the concrete work here at HV for over 40 years) for over 20 years pouring concrete. I poured a lot of the foundations for buildings and some of the lifts here at HV. I love the ease of this lift attendant job after working very hard for many years. I'm really good at giving out directions at Yodeler and directing traffic because I grouped kids on Friday nights for 30 years. It's all about keeping things organized and keeping everyone moving! Customers always tell me "we all love Jeff for the traffic cop on Saturday and Sunday at Yodeler!"

It's been great to see all the improvements over the years. I started on the first Yodeler quad that eventually moved to Morning Star before it was a high speed. It was a smaller quad, Hall lift, very narrow. I swung chairs on the Yodeler Quad until the replacement of the high speed this year and I have to say, this lift is magnificent! It's a people friendly chair lift. It flows traffic better because its not stopping as much.

When you're not working, how do you enjoy spending your time?

Anything outside! I love fishing. You can probably find me fishing at Allegany State Park.

If you're off work and having fun with friends at HV, what are you doing?

Skiing! Its' great skiing with the family, especially my son. When I worked nights, it was always nice to get out in the morning before work and get fresh corduroy turns. 

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