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Get To Know - DR Britt

DR BrittD.R. Britt is the Facilities Manager at The Inn at Holiday Valley. A new father, D.R. loves a good night out on the slopes but these days focuses on keeping The Inn at Holiday Valley ready for its guests and then heading home to be with his family. 

1.       Describe yourself in 5 words or less?

Personable, dependable, hardworking, resourceful, and detail oriented 

2.       How long have you been part of the Holiday Valley team?

This will be my fourth year with the Valley

3.       What is your favorite part of the winter season?

I like seeing all the families and kids having a great time at our facilities and the broad spectrum off people we get to encounter.

4.       What is it about your job that gets you excited to come to work every day?

Honestly my crew! I have some amazing people that work with me and they make the day go by smoothly and the stressful times less stressful.

5.       Sunny bluebird day or powder day?

Powder day. 

6.       When you’re not at work, how are you spending your time in the winter?

Well I have a 8 month at home so that’s my day when I get out of work .

7.       Day skiing/riding or night? Why?

Night riding without a doubt. I love all the back diamond trails at night. Everything just seems more peaceful and the lights on the snow covered trees is always a pretty sight.

8.       Best music to listen to after a day on the slopes?

My child sleeping.

9.   Describe the team at The Inn. What is it that makes it such a fun group to work with?

Amazing, I’ve worked at two of the other buildings at the Valley and so far this is my favorite environment. All the departments at The Inn communicate very well and everyone helps each other. If someone is having a rough day or needs help, it’s not a question if someone will help them. We are all working for a common goal here.

10.   Your favorite place to eat in Ellicottville is…?


11.   What’s your best Holiday Valley memory?

Honestly, I was out of work hours just riding with good friends on the slopes.

12.   Favorite slope? Why?

I’m terrible with trail names but Fiddlers Elbow and its surrounding trails are some of my favorites. 

13.   If you ski/ride – how many days are you aiming to get this season?

Ride/ HOPEFULLY AT LEAST ONE DAY (the life of a new parent!)

14.   What’s one thing about Holiday Valley that everyone should know?

We are all about accommodations and making sure you (the guest) go home happy.


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