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Meet Our HV Staff - Dave Williams

blog_dave-williams250.jpgMy name is Dave Williams and I live here in Ellicottville.  I've been snowboarding as a member of the Holiday Valley Safety Patrol for over thirty one years.  I also am a member of the HV Security Department for the larger events and a member of the HV Ski Patrol lift evacuation training team. 

Winter is definitely my favorite season.  I find it exciting to anticipate the next weather event knowing that I will be outside experiencing it.  Being at the Valley before we open; watching the snowmakers and groomers leaving the hill, seeing the sunrise from the top of Mardi and watching everyone arrive to begin the dance is truly amazing.

My job has many positives.  I embrace the concept of being there for our guests; a simple hello, directions, assistance "reconnecting" lost parents to their children, getting medical attention for those whose day has gone sideways, and of course providing a physical presence to ensure a safe atmosphere for our guests and fellow employees.

In terms of a underated thing to do here at the Valley I would spin it to one's attitude as an employee.  Working on Safety allows me to meet and interface with many different departments.  I encourage people to make an attempt to talk with other employees, learn their names, and start a dialogue.  The atmosphere that results is awesome for employees and guests alike.

My best memory over the last thirty plus years? ....We are doing an interview not writing a book right?  Going down Snoozer one day in the late 1990's while learning to snowboard with my girlfriend... I felt the sensation of floating in the snow for the very first time.  I fell in love with snowboarding and her that day. .. married that girl by the way; my awesome wife Lisa.

The Valley is special because it allows people to challenge themselves in a beautiful four season setting.  Remember, "No Challenge, No Change!"

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