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Get To Know - Ben Graham

Photo of Ben Graham

There is a lot that goes into being the Safety Manager at Holiday Valley and Ben Graham manages to coordinate it all while keeping a huge smile on his face. 

1. Describe yourself in 5 words or less? 

Love life, enjoy everyday 

2. How long have you been part of the Holiday Valley team?

I started working for Holiday Valley in 2016 but was on the volunteer ski patrol for a few years before that.

3. What is your favorite part of the winter season?

Skiing and lots of powder of course!

4. What is it about your job that gets you excited to come to work every day?

Knowing that I can ski anytime I want.

5. Sunny bluebird day or powder day?

I start out the season and just want powder but near the end of the season I only want bluebird. 

6. When you’re not at work, how are you spending your time in the winter?

I love to be outside all the time. So when not at work I will take a hike, go to camp, or ice fishing. 

7. Day skiing/riding or night? Why?

Day skiing really don’t have a good reason. (The grooming is better in the morning)

8. Best music to listen to after a day on the slopes?

I don’t have a favorite but the best is a live band at a bar after a powder day. 

9. Your favorite place to eat in Ellicottville is…?               

 I did like Slope Side but not sure now that it's closed. Have to find a new favorite! (He's a free agent restaurants of Ellicottville. Hit him up and make your case!)

 10. What’s your best Holiday Valley memory?

I think high school ski club and Christmas ski camp. It was always so much fun with all my friends 

11. Favorite slope? Why?

I don’t have one favorite one. I will change almost every day. What is really fun on Monday might change by Wednesday. Some days I like steep and the next might be Tannenbaum.  

12. If you ski/ride – how many days are you aiming to get this season?

I really like skiing 100 days a year but I don’t get that very often. So 85 is what I aim for. 

13. What’s one thing about Holiday Valley that everyone should know?

Never say that the skiing is bad. You just have to look for the good trail or a different trail you don’t normally ski. 


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