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Climbing Forest

Season: Sky High
Location: On Site

Crafted by the innovative minds at Monkey Hardware in Germany and Outdoor Ventures—the same designers behind our exhilarating Sky High Aerial Park—this unique, three-dimensional climbing adventure offers a twist on traditional climbing walls.

Adventurers can tackle nine trees equipped with color-coded holds that vary in difficulty from the beginner-friendly yellow to the intensely challenging purple. Safe and secure, each climber is harnessed and attached to an Auto Belay system that ensures a gentle descent back to earth from up to 45 feet high.

Designed for climbers as young as five years old and weighing at least 30 pounds, the Climbing Forest is an inclusive experience. Even our youngest guests have a special area with two lower trees where they can climb safely to six feet and easily descend, making it perfect for family outings. Come let your spirit soar among the treetops at Holiday Valley's Climbing Forest!

Climbing Forest Assumption of Risk