Visit the Sky Flyer Mountain Coaster near the Tannenbaum Lodge and get ready for a thrilling ride down through the snowy woods! The Mountain Coaster is similar to a roller coaster but it is low to the ground and follows the contours of the terrain. You ride alone or with a friend in a “car” attached to rails that pulls you up the hill, then it follows a zig zagging spiraling path down the mountain. You can control the speed of your car with levers on the sides of the car. Children must be at least 3 years old and over 38 inches tall (without shoes) to ride with an adult, or 8 years and 54 inches tall to ride alone. The driver of a 2 person car must be at least 16 years old and be a head taller than the passenger. Riders must be able to perform certain physical tasks to participate.

The Coaster operates during the winter season from 11AM to 6PM Friday through Sunday, plus holidays. Tickets may be purchased at any ticket window or at lodging properties. Purchase your mountain coaster ticket with your lift ticket and save!

The Coaster will operate from just before Christmas through March 20, weather permitting.

Additional days of operation: December 26-December 29, 2022, January 16 and February 20, 2023.

Mountain Coaster Ticket Pricing Winter 2022-23

Purchase coaster ride with lift ticket purchase

 Ticket Type


 Ride Once


 Ride Twice


Purchase coaster ride without lift ticket purchase

 Ticket Type


Ride Once


Ride Twice


10 Pack of transferable tickets


Groups of 15 or more who are not purchasing lift tickets may ride the coaster for $6 each. Advance reservations required.

The Sky Flyer will also be open Christmas week, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day. 

Here are some Sky High Mountain Coaster Stats...

  • Uphill track 1865 feet long, Vertical rise is 283 feet 
  • Downhill track consists of 15 curves of varying length, 12 waves, 1 jump, plus a large circle / spiral. 
  • The down hill has a maximum track grade of 23.6% and is 2,940 ft in length. 
  • The overall ride is 4,805 ft  long and takes about 6 minutes.

Sky Flyer Mountain Coaster Lift Safety


Mountain Coaster Winter Safety Video from Holiday Valley on Vimeo.