Explorers Level 3 Skiers

Age Group:  6-12-years-old
  • Ability Level:  Group lesson for advanced beginner skiers. 
  • Lesson Time:  A.M. Session 10 a.m.–Noon; P.M. Session 1–3 p.m; All Day Session 10 a.m.-3 p.m. 
  • Lesson Cost:  $87 for a half-day session; $131 for an all-day session. 
  • Includes:  Lift ticket, lesson with cocoa break and progress report.  All-day session includes supervised lunch period with complimentary meal. *Please note upper-level lessons DO NOT INCLUDE rental equipment. Children’s rentals are available at the Creekside Lodge. 
  • Lift(s) Used:  Explorers may start with a trip to the top of the Handle Tow / Slippery Streets area; or they may proceed directly to the Creekside Quad and the top of School Haus Run for the start of the lesson. 
  • Terrain Used:  Explorers practice and drill on the changing pitch of School Haus Run to solidify their grasp on the fundamental movements of the sport before moving up onto the mountain for their first “green circle” runs. 
  • In A Nutshell:  Very often, children at this level build confidence and improve fundamental skills with every single trip down School Haus Run. For this reason, Explorers are patiently given the time to progress to the point where they are ready for the transition to the longer, more challenging runs up on the mountain. 
  • The Next Level:  It’s the goal of the Explorers group to progress enough on School Haus to be able to successfully ski on the mountain.  Once an Explorer experiences a successful trip or two down a green circle run, he/she will be ready to move up to the Trailblazers group lesson.