Sky High School Groups

Sky High is the ideal field trip for your school. Students will be challenged both physically and mentally while completing the courses, while our guides stand by to give helpful pointers. Students learn that communication and cooperation will make the experience even more enjoyable. And it is often that the best climbers are not the biggest and strongest, as balance and strategy are key! All climbers wear a harness with two lanyards that lock onto the system and cannot be disconnected until the climber has returned to the ground.

Available Mondays through Thursdays, Non-holiday

# Climbers 3 Hour Aerial Park pp 3 Hour Aerial Park plus 1 Mt Coaster Ride pp 
30 $40 $46
50 $38 $44
75 $36 $42
100 $34



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For more information and reservations call (716) 699-3934 or email Sky High.

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