Pete's Resort Report

Pete at the snow platform

If you're an early riser, you'll know Pete...whether he's raving about the new snow, giving the ticket checkers a hug or yodeling. He's out very early each morning checking the snow surface, talking to snowmakers, groomers and patrol and making his morning snow report. But look carefully, he doesn't stand around and his signature camo jacket is hard to spot! Listen to his daily "inside scoop" of the conditions at 716-699-2644.

Here's his current report...

The green season is over, the grey season is upon us, with the white season right around the corner. As of November 9th we're getting SNOW! And there's more in the forecast. That gets everyone excited about the upcoming season. With the colder weather predicted we are targeting November 23, the day after Thanksgiving to open, weather permitting. Snowmaking MAY start up next week, so keep checking and we'll keep you posted.