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Sky High Groups

Welcome to Holiday Valley's newest outdoor adventure, Sky High! Located near the Tannenbaum Lodge at the western end of Holiday Valley, Sky High offers an Aerial Park and a Mountain Coaster. Check out our 30 second spot!  Groups love Sky High! From birthday parties to bachelor parties, corporate groups to soccer teams, a great sense of camaraderie and cooperation is achieved through a Sky High experience. To qualify for group rates you must have at least 20 people and a 50% advance deposit is required. 

Group Rates

  • Three hours in Aerial Park $40
  • Three hours in Aerial Park and one ride on Mt Coaster $44
  • One ride on Mt. Coaster $8

Aerial Park

Sky High Tight Rope WalkThe Aerial Park is a series of platforms and “bridges” built in a 4 acre section of the woods. The platforms are built in the trees and the bridges connect the platforms. The bridge may be a log, hanging chunks of wood or other obstacles or ladders and the challenge is to figure out how to get across to the next platform. It is not all strength; it is more strategy and balance. There are 13 courses with different levels of difficulty and the more difficult the course, the higher up it is in the trees. There are 3 yellow courses (Sunflower and Sunshine), 4 greens (Forest Run, Mountain Trail and Grand Rapids), 2 blues (Waterfall and Rip Tide), 2 black diamonds (Black Storm and Black Bear) and a double black...The Commando! All courses except Commando have at least one zip line and some have several. Everyone wears a harness with a special locking lanyard that safeguards you from falling if you slip or let go. Children must be at least 7 years old, and all guests must be able to perform certain physical tasks to participate. There is a weight limit of 250 pounds. Reservations are suggested for the Aerial Park, call 716-699-HIGH.

The Fun Way Out...Grand Rapids This Green level course is designed to allow Sky High trekkers to go from the park to the base via 6 zip lines. There are 2 courses side by side so you can challenge your friend to see who can get to the bottom first. You’ll start from just below the central platform, climb a small ladder to a bridge that heads toward the Tannenbaum lift line. Along the eastern edge of the park you’ll start your first zip line across the Tannenbaum lift line. The second zip line goes across Crystal, a third shorter zip jogs down the hill, then the fourth zip goes across Independence. Fifth zip line comes back (west) across Independence, then the sixth zip travels 350 feet down across the Tannenbaum base area to finish on the shelf next to the west entrance to the Tannenbaum Lodge. It is an exciting end to this great say the least! Check out this video from St. Bonaventure's Rugby Team's visit to Sky High. For more information and operating schedule for the Aerial Park, click here.

Mt Coaster Summer

Mountain Coaster

The Mountain Coaster is similar to a roller coaster that is built on a mountain. People ride in a “car” attached to rails that pulls you up the hill almost 300 vertical feet, then it follows a 3,000 foot zig zagging spiraling path down the mountain, around 15 curves, over 12 waves and around a huge spiral. Riders are able to control their own speed with brakes on the car. The driver must be at least 54” tall, and be able to demonstrate they understand the staff’s instructions to be a driver.  Children must be at least 3 years old and over 38” to accompany a driver who is at least 16 year old. Riders must be able to perform certain physical tasks to participate.

Sky High Video from our opening day in 2011 and shots of "aerial trekking".



Sky High Photo Service!

Look for the photographers in the blue shirts for a shot of you in action at the park! Click here to view the photos.


Downloadable Assumption of Risk Form To participate in Sky High Adventure Park, you must sign an assumption of risk form. Anyone under age 18 must have a parent signature. If you are bringing a group to the Park, download and copy this form and have the parents of any children in your group sign the form, then bring the forms with you.

Safety Harness and Safety Training before you climb...

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