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Mountain Update

The inside scoop from Mountain Operations Director, Steve Crowley.

Stay tuned for a weekly message about the snow, the base, snowmaking and upcoming events, straight from the source, Holiday Valley Mountain Ops.

Snowmaking Automation

Jane Eshbaugh - Friday, November 30, 2012

The largest on-mountain improvement for winter 2012-13 will be the installation of three additional automated snowmaking systems on Yodeler, Morning Star, Candy Cane, Laurel and Punch Bowl. The automated systems include weather stations that monitor temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed and direct a computer to turn on or off the snowguns, or increase or decrease the air and water flow. The goal of automation is to increase efficiency and energy savings while providing the best possible manmade snow. The automated snowmaking that was installed last year on Mardi Gras proved to be a very wise investment, as it allowed the resort to make snow in the brief periods of cold during the winter of 2011-12. 

The photos to the right show some of the components of our new automated system on Mardi Gras. The top photo is the water-air control valve that's located in the hydrant underground. The middle photo is a complete snowgun with hose attached and the bottom photo is the gun controller that is at the base of each gun.

Opening Date and Past Season's Trivia

Jane Eshbaugh - Friday, November 30, 2012

Early seasons, late seasons, amount of snowfall and length of seasons - is there a pattern? The earliest opening date was October 16, 1976. Snowfall that year totaled 191 inches and there were 136 days of skiing. More recently in 1995 we opened on November 16 for 151 days of skiing and 260 inches of snow. The year 2001 had the latest opening date in recent times of December 22 (that was a nail biter!) with 107 days of skiing and just 120 inches of snow. But the latest opening date...our first season of operation was supposed to begin in December 1957 but was delayed until January 7, 1958 due to lack of snow! (No snowmaking back in the '50's) That year we had 184 inches of snow and 89 days of skiing. During the 2010-11 season we had an incredible 261 inches of snow that started December 7 and lasted 123 days. Last season was a crazy one for the entire country but we opened on December 13, received 107 inches of snow and made over 1,150 acre feet of snow for a 97 day season.